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The city archive of Schärding

Schärding belongs to the Upper Austrian district of the same name and is the seat of the district administrative authority. The city is located directly at the river Inn at the Bavarian-Austrian border and at the edge of the so-called "Sauwald". Until 1779 the city belonged to the Bavarian Innviertel. Not only because of its historic city center, is Schärding known as a tourist destination far beyond the borders of Austria and Bavaria.

In the present city of Schärding the historical genesis is still visable: Remains of the medieval castle, the old Inn bridge, the hithe, the parish church, the two main squares Lower and Upper Town Square, the fortifications of the castle and the almost completely preserved city wall with three of formerly five existing city gates. The further development in baroque and the neo-baroque design of the upper town square with the so-called “silver line” make the change in the last centuries beautifully visable.

The documents in the city archives of Schärding include documents range from 1316 (copy from the 17th century), church books from 1531, official church books from 1609, municipal records and official books from 1615, photographic material, valuable manuscripts from the 19th century (e.g. a house book, drawings and sketches) as well as maps, plans and posters.

The city archive and ViSIT

The city archive of Schärding is actively working on arousing and deepening interest in the city's history - for example, in realizing the special exhibition "Digital Treasures from 700 Years" in 2016. Images and text contributions to the history of the city and further digitization of the archival material complement the offer on an ongoing basis. By means of ViSIT the public relations can be supported and the discourse for the mediation of the history of Schärding can be promoted.

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