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Bahrtuchschild, 1762 (Oberhausmuseum Passau).
Copyright: Oberhausmuseum Passau

Measured light

Structured Light technology works by projecting a stripe pattern onto the object surface. The object is captured with a calibrated camera from a different angle than the angle formed by the light rays. In this way, the camera captures a distorted stripe pattern. The surface geometry is calculated from this distorted stripe pattern. The stripes are of different widths and can therefore be coded, allowing a clear correlation between the projected pattern and the shot.


Classic …

The device used is the DAVID SLS-3 Stereo HD model. It follows the principle of this type of scanner to project a light stripe pattern onto the object to be examined, whereby two industrial cameras mounted in parallel and offset take up the projected pattern. On the software side, the striped pattern distorted from the camera perspective is detected and the surface condition is calculated on the basis of the distortions. Several of these images provide a complete description of the surface.

Artec Spider (Objekt: Bahrtuchschild der Schiffsleute- und Salzfertiger-Zunft Passau, Museum Veste Oberhaus)

... and mobile

The high-resolution Artec Spider hand-held scanner - technically also a strip light scanner - is used professionally in the fields of industry, medicine and monument conservation. In a project context, it is particularly suitable for scanning immobile objects in architecture and museums, but can also be used for scans in studio situations. A software delivered with the device enables a closed work chain in the digitization process.