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Kugelzange (Oberhausmuseum Passau).
Copyright: Oberhausmuseum Passau


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The software developed in the ViSIT project can be used freely.

The software for the meta- and the media-database can be downloaded via the platform GitHub: https://github.com/ViSIT-Dev

The documentation is also available on GitHub: ViSIT Technische Dokumentation

The software for the app-framework can be found here: App-Bundle
The documentation for the app-Framework: ViSIT Dokumentation App Framework

The results of digitization experiments are documented and discussed in detail in a digitization report,
which also provides specific best practices for the digitization of three-dimensional cultural objects.
The document is available here in low resolution: Digitalisierung von kulturellem Erbe. Digitalisierungsexperimente und Best Practices
... and here in high resolution: Digitalisierung von kulturellem Erbe (hohe Auflösung)

The project also developed a compression component for 3D models that provides user-friendly, scalable target-size compression. Its purpose is to display the 3D models on low resource devices with low latency, so that a fluid way of interacting is possible: Kompressions-Komponente

Best Practices for digitizing smaller objects under laboratory conditions can be found here: ViSIT Fotogrammetrie Best Practice

Here are two introductory tutorials for using the ViSIT database: