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Festung Kufstein


The first media tower of the Kufstein Fortress is the former state prison. At this place of remembrance, the stories of the former prisoners are retold on the top floor of the mighty Emperor's Tower, named after Emperor Maximilian I.

The former state prison is divided into a large vestibule with a plaque commemorating the prisoners, 13 cells and a guard room. Due to the very steep and narrow staircase it was very difficult to escape from this place - however, there are exceptions, which are described in the remodeled exhibition for the visitor.

Among other things, the visitors in the cells also get an insight into the criminal clothing and historical ankle cuffs can be examined. During a listening installation even the prisoners have their say and talk about the arrival in the state prison, their everyday life on the fortress Kufstein and what there was to eat.
In addition to published interrogation protocols, the experience of two inmates is also told, who communicated about knock signals in order not to be completely cut off from the outside world.

Definitely a highlight of the exhibition is the narrative via multimedia installations, where the visitor gets an impression of the revolutionary song in 1831 and for those interested quotes appear on the cell wall, which deals with the fates of the prisoners.

Furthermore, hearing stations, self-made objects of the prisoners and stories about the fates of the prisoners give an insight into the everyday life of the prisoners.

The largest mutimedia-related installation is in the guardroom. There a holographic projection is presented, which recounts conversations between a commander and a chaplain, as it might have happened in the years after the revolutions of 1948-49.

In order not to withhold information from visitors, a tablet was placed on the mighty central pillar of the former state prison, revealing the revolutions and uprisings in Europe between 1789 and 1848, while focusing on the effects of the French Revolution, the revolutions of 1830 / 31 and 1848/49 is set.
On another tablet in front of the prisoners' commemorative plaque, another deepening instrument has been added to give insight into the diversity of inmates. In addition to their crime, and the extent of the penalty, the duration of the prison stay is described.


The second media tower at Kufstein Fortress is the Fuchssturm, named after the Fuchs family. Where before an exhibition with the reference to Tyrol was, today the ground floor and the upper floor are equipped with multimedia installations.

Starting on the ground floor with a 270 ° projection, which explains the history of the castle to the fortress Kufstein and focuses on the constant clashes between Bavaria and Tyrol. The ongoing interactions between Bavaria and Tyrol are represented by changes in borders. The narrator, who is commenting on the events, is accompanied by corresponding music and thus an impressive multimedia world has been created. Due to the generously recorded surface, this installation looks as if you were directly at the events on site.
On the upper floor of the Fuchssturm is the second highlight in this tower - a so-called "telescope" specially transformed for the installation in the Fuchssturm.

Shown here on an overwhelming map of the cultural area Inn-Salzach-Danube. Selected places with a function such as customs, border fortresses or trading post are taken up and explained in more detail. With the "telescope" these places can be discovered, which means that only with the focus of a place through the telescope the pictures, texts or even videos regarding their function and history will be explained. The respective information will appear directly on the telescope.

Especially the trade relations are brought into focus. Can you imagine that the rivers Inn, Salzach and Danube used to be one of the main transport routes? Let the Kufstein Fortress explain how the whole system worked.
Through these media towers the fortress Kufstein can present itself from a completely different side, because now the visitors can put themselves in the history, can hear the story in addition to reading the information, see and thus also feel - almost as if one had been there.

In addition to the many new highlights, the museum educational background is not ignored. The media towers are designed for families, students and adults and complete the unique fortress experience. In addition, an optimal presentation between historical building and new technology can be identified.

The team of the fortress Kufstein welcomes old as well as new visitors.

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